Christians & Finances

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Christians Are Bad Financial Managers..!

Well think about it for a minute…isn’t it a fact, that we as children of God are so pathetic with our finances? Don’t we find ourselves living pay check to pay, to say the least about the dreaded bills in our posts? We borrow more than we can repay and then end up borrowing more just to repay what we had borrowed earlier!

But it wasn’t supposed to be this way. It was never intended by Him that we as His children spend our lives in the never ending doldrums of financial uncertainty. His plan for our lives was and is a blessed, fulfilled, purpose-filled existence.

So the question is, where have we as Christians gone wrong with our finances? Have we been caught up in the fast-paced commercialisation of our times? Or have we fallen victims to the “must have” syndrome that is now a given? Or may be still, have we taken refuge in the superficial life style depicted in the bill boards, the TV ads and magazine glossies?

The whole purpose of starting this blog, is to share with you well defined financial principles that are ingrained in the Word of God. The Bible teaches us many things and you will be surprised at what it has to say about our lives and finances. These are principles, which when understood and used practically in our daily lives, will help us to break free from our financial bondage and really begin to live enriched, purpose-filled lives. This is what he intended for us, His children!

Till next time, stay blessed and keep well. Do write in with your comments and views, so that together we can make a difference….!